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Aerial photographs and before/after photo montages. Click images to enlarge.

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(based on the first J.D.Irving proposal)
(based on the first J.D.Irving proposal)
Malpeque Bay
Cabot Park area
Malpeque area
Darnley Basin
Cabot Park
the Beach
Malpeque and Baltic areas
Possible turbine locations
Kensington area
Possible turbine locations
Part of the proposed route for the trunk transmission lines is through the Indian River Wildlife Refuge and Wetlands, a protected area under the P.E.I. Environmental Protection Act
Transmission line tower consistent with description in Project Proposal
Tomorrow ?
Canada geese in spring migration - Today
This is why Malpeque Peninsula is a Ramsar site, a "resource of great economic, cultural, scientific, and recreational value, the loss of which would be irreparable." This is the "urgent national interest" that must be protected from infringement and degradation. (quotes from the Ramsar Charter, an international trust to which Canada is a signatory, April 28, 1988). Photos by Chip Trask
New North Cape V-90 with the older smaller V-66. Photo by Peter Schlecht, a seasonal resident at Malpeque

All aerial photos originals by Ron Garnett.
All other photos by Frieder Hermann except where otherwise noted.