The Petition

We the undersigned, who are residents, property owners, P.E.I. tourists, concerned citizens of the Malpeque peninsula, concerned citizens of Prince Edward Island, of Canada, and the world, all who love P.E.I., strongly voice our united opposition to the placement of wind turbines in and around the Malpeque community as proposed by J.D. Irving, Ltd. and Cavendish Farms.We are opposed to this project as it will destroy the amenities, scenic beauty and quality of life of this rural village and surrounding community. We strongly object to this uncritical promotion of an industrial technology that will have far reaching and permanent adverse impacts on this community's lifestyle, the health and well-being of its inhabitants, the tourism economy which has traditionally been in place, and the native and migratory birds and wildlife of this unusually beautiful place.Based on a rapidly growing body of evidence of these adverse impacts cited in reputable publications, journals, and periodicals, we strongly object that this small rural community or any community and its people be made a social, legal, political, ecological, and environmental experiment for this industrial technology based on false assumptions and promises.

There is no need to expose this community or any community to this unacceptable project ! Viable options that avoid this unnecessary intrusion into communities exist and should be preferred for this project.

We strongly call for :

  • PEI government authorities to withhold permitting of this proposal pending a full environmental impact assessment (EIA) at the provincial level.

  • Federal government to order full EIA of all issues of environment, human health and safety before any Wind Power Project Incentive (WPPI) subsidies could be granted.

  • …J.D. Irving and Cavendish Farms to be made to honestly and completely respond to the legitimate concerns and opinions of the people in all forums including an open public hearing before any possible environmental permitting of this project.

  • J.D. Irving and the government of P.E.I. to conduct a thorough assessment of all other potential sites that don't involve intrusion into any community. We suggest to follow the example of Denmark which is goining toward off-shore installation.



Petition will be sent to :

    • Mr. Pat Binns, Premier of P.E.I.

    • Mr. Mark Victor, Department of Environment and Aquaculture of P.E.I.

    • Mr. Jamie Ballem, Minister of Environment of P.E.I.

    • Mr. Philip Brown, Minister of Tourism of P.E.I.

    • Mr. MacFayden, Minister of Community and Cultural Affairs of P.E.I.