Petition Opposing Malpeque Wind TurbineComplex Continues to Build Momentum

The Campaign to Preserve Malpeque has just presented it's second submission of accrued petition signatures to the provincial government. The group, organized in late 2002 in opposition to the proposed J.D. Irving, Ltd., plan to place 40 or more massive wind turbines in communities on the Malpeque peninsula, has continued to see brisk accrual of petition signatures at it's web site,

The web site also includes information and updates concerning the project as well as details of the site-specific problems inherent to the Malpeque proposal. These include a host of environmental, economic, and safety issues linked not only to the Malpeque project but also, in most cases, applicable to any development of industrial wind turbine projects in close proximity to communities, people, fauna, and fragile ecosystems. Additionally, the web site contains the petition to government opposing the J.D. Irving, Ltd., Malpeque wind turbine complex. The identities of petition signers remains confidential and revealed only to government officials scrutinizing the project. In April, after approximately eight weeks on-line, signature accrual totaled 439 and was presented to government. With the present submission of newly accrued signatures, the total has now reached 702. Of this number at least 44 percent are property owners within or very near the perimeters of the proposed wind turbine industrial complex. Overall, approximately 65 percent are Canadians representing nearly every province.

The Campaign to Preserve Malpeque will continue to present information, updates, news of the proposal and continue to accrue signatures from all interested individuals to it's on-line petition at it's web site,, for ongoing presentation to provincial government.