News release about petition

Petition Opposing Malpeque Wind Turbines Presented to Government

The Campaign to Preserve Malpeque has just presented it's first submission of signatures from it's web site to government. The group was organized after the J.D. Irving, Ltd. proposal to place 40 or more huge wind turbines in Malpeque was revealed to the public and community residents in late November, 2002. Beginning in mid-February, the group, in opposition to the proposed project, launched a web site at to present information regarding the project as well as issues and problems specific to the Malpeque site and to the industrial technology generally.

The web site also contains a petition that can be accessed and signed by any interested individuals. The identities of persons signing the petition are strictly confidential and revealed only to government officials in charge of evaluating the proposal. The petition, combined with an earlier petition from the first Malpeque community meeting in January, has now accrued a total of 439 signatures in just over eight weeks on-line. Of this number, at least 40% are property owners within or near the perimeters of the proposed wind turbine industrial complex. Overall, approximately 60% are Canadians representing nearly every province.

The Campaign to Preserve Malpeque will continue to present information, updates, news of the project, and continue to accrue signatures on the on-line petition at it's web site at for periodic presentation to government.