to Malpeque, P.E.I., Canada

The community of Malpeque, P.E.I., Canada and the surrounding communities of Baltic, Hamilton and Indian River are located on the north shore of Prince Edward Island, very near the Prince Edward Island National Park and the birthplace and childhood home of Lucy Maud Montgomery, world-renowned author of Anne of Green Gables fame.We are a quiet, tranquil land of pristine sand beaches, rolling fields of golden grain and potatoes in blossom, innumerable bays of clear sapphire waters guarded by cliffs of fire-red sandstone and salt marsh estuaries that are home to numerous native and migratory birds. We are, most importantly, a close-knit community of small villages and hamlets, all very close in proximity with homes, farms, seasonal residences, tourist cottages, and bed and breakfasts. Since the early days of settlement of Prince Edward Island, and Malpeque is a historic early settlement, all have tried to live in harmony with the land, enjoying a quality of life matched in few places in the world.


The Problem:

J. D. Irving Ltd., a large corporation known mostly for its petroleum business and interests, and one of its subsidiaries has proposed the development of a wind turbine generator complex of 20 huge wind turbines, standing each 350 to 400 feet in height, with blade diameters of over 250 feet, engulfing the entirety of this small community. Additionally the proponent is planning 21 turbine site placements in the Kensington area extending to Spring Valley, a picturesque community in the middle of the Malpeque peninsula just south of the Malpeque and Baltic communities. We are trying to stop this needless enterprise which is based totally on economics as there is no urgent need to place these industrial complexes in this community or in any community. Many other viable options exist (like better energy conservation programs, solar energy, off-shore installation of windmills). Our goal is to urge Irving Corporation and the government of P.E.I. to abandon this endeavor and accept instead other options that do not involve intrusions into communities. In doing this, a multitude of potential adverse impacts on people, birds, wildlife, soils and environment could be avoided.


Please read on, sign our petition, and voice your opinions to the P.E.I. officials involved in this project. This petition will be addressed to the authorities.
You could also send a personal letter to protest.