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      Federal Petition No. 69 to the Auditor General of Canada - Wind Energy Project in Prince Edward Island

        We petitioned for a Federal Environmental Assessment on the project with particular emphasis on negative impacts to birds. We were assured by the Federal Minister of Environment Canada that site specific studies should and would be done and that all reports would be public. J.D. Irving, Ltd. has stated that they have completed site specific studies as demanded but have adamantly refused any public access to these reports.
        Read the petition text and the replies from the Federal Ministers of Environment Canada and Natural Resources Canada. You can then link to both of these: Minister's Response: Environment Canada and Minister's Response: Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN)

      Our ad / flyer (or download the .pdf file)

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Please also visit the following web sites of other groups opposing wind turbines in communities or environmentally sensitive sites. They all have much information on problems of wind turbine developments and the current status of the wind industry around the world.


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